Teskilat Episode 59

Teskilat Episode 59 With English Subtitles

Where did you find this picture? My brother Omer gave it to me. Mom, you know our picture in the hall, My brother Omer is the one who took it too. We are old… We are old acquaintances. So why didn’t you introduce me to him until today? Because I was out of the country. I have recently come. Brother Omer, what are you doing? Dear Yagmur, come on, finish your meal, come on, come on. I understood.

You catch bad guys like my mom. I will not tell anyone. It will stay between us. It will stay between us. She babbles like this all day. Her talk never ends. Ask me too! I live many, many more with this every single day. Mom, how did you meet my brother Omer? Dear Yagmur. It’s top secret, that’s why she doesn’t tell.
I promise not to tell anyone. Promise?

Teskilat Episode 59 With English Subtitles

I promise not to tell anyone. Then I’ll tell you. I was running away from bad guys one day. I asked your mother for help. You have to help me. What’s going on? My name is Ferhat, we are engaged. Ferhat Akturk. What are you doing, brother? I need your help. Did mom help you? I did. Watch Teskilat Episode 59 With English Subtitles

I helped him and then all of a sudden these bad guys kidnapped us. Come here! Come! Stop, what are you doing? Come! You looked very weak and fragile on the outside. You were a very annoying and vagabond. Come on, let’s get up now. What happened after that? It was the most interesting place. I’ll tell you what happened down the road, okay? We were sitting nicely, my daughter?

Teskilat Episode 59 With English Subtitles

No, Aunt Sacide, it’s late. Let’s go. Very nice to meet you. Good night. Me too, good night. -Zeynep. -Let’s go. See you soon. Let’s go. Put on your shoes. Dear Zehra. I’ll pick Yagmur from school tomorrow. And you come home in the evening and take her. I do not accept any objections. Let her stay with me for a while. And you recover. Then we’ll see after that. Thank you. -Did you wear it? -Yes. Let’s go. Watch Teskilat Episode 59 With English Subtitles

Open the door. How are you, sister-in– How are you, Zehra? Korkut, how are you? It’s been a long time. How are you? Fine. You didn’t change. No, he’s getting older. He has one foot in the grave. I’m glad to see you. Me too. I’ll check on Zeynep. Goodbye, Aunt Sacide. Let’s go! I’ll drive you. No need, we’ll go by taxi.

Teskilat Episode 59 With English Subtitles

At this time of night? At least take my car. Thanks. Yagmur? Come again, okay? Okay. -See you. -See you. Come. Today they asked about the files. They want it in a week. And? And… If you start right away, You will hardly finish it. How so? You didn’t win the bet. I don’t believe you, Uzay. You will still insist that it’s related to work, huh? Yes. Okay then. Watch Teskilat Episode 59 With English Subtitles

When Zehra disappeared, didn’t you see how Omer was? And while she was in the hospital, didn’t you notice Omer’s panic? I noticed. Forget this, didn’t you notice how Omer looked at Zehra? I noticed this too. And? Then… You agree that this is a love story, right?

Teskilat Season 3 Episode 59 With English Subtitles

No. I speak with statistics, data and documents. Nothing is clear now. Well, let’s clear up the past records. Maybe… I find a document related to Omer’s love for Zehra. Good? Uzay! You are saying nonsense. Yes. The data that came out from the electronic devices in the camp. Watch Urdu Subtitles

Is there anything important? There’s an interesting discovery about one of the code names you mentioned. Great news, thanks. Telephone meetings. The organized acts. Contact numbers. The locations to the hiding places. Fabulous. I don’t want problems with the plan. I want it as planned. -What’s the situation? -The preparations are done. And the plan is ready. We were waiting for you to contact. Nice. Here.

Watch Teskilat Episode 59 With English Subtitles



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