Teskilat Episode 62

Watch Teskilat Episode 62 With English Subtitles

National Intelligence Organization members are always ready to serve to destroy the enemies of Turkey.

Top Cast:

Deniz Baysal, Serdar Yegin, Ahmet Ugur Say,Atilay Uluisik,Caglar Ertugrul, Ezgi Senler, Nihat Altinkaya,Tuncer Salman,Ezgi Eyüboglu,Mesut Akusta, Yavuz Bingöl,Feray Darici,Gürkan Uygun,Turgut Tuncalp,Ali Öner,Hakan Boyav,Mehmet Sait Ergenç,Nil

After Zehra leaves the Organization as a result of the death of Serdar, Hulk, and Pınar in the attack against the company’s senior executives and the collapse of the company, Ömer Atmaca ( Murat Yıldırım ) come to the team as a new member. Ömer knows that his father left his mother at a young age.Watch Teskilat Season 3 Episode 62 English Subtitles.

But his father is Efkar, who lives in the same neighborhood as him. ( Gurkan Uygun ) is hiding from Efkar Ömer that he is his father. Also, Zehra; Serdar goes after Francis ( Yunus Narin ), who caused Hulki and Pınar to be deciphered and killed. Teskilat Episode 62 With English Subtitles

The person who will be responsible for the middle east by the global powers after the company is David Hartley ( Levent Can) is selected. Later, Omer’s brother, SAT commando Halim, was martyred as a result of a fire opened by unknown persons from the car. Demirci İbrahim ( Arif Selçuk ) provided support to Halim’s murderers. The blacksmith is later killed. Later, David Hartley chooses Mazlum Kendal to head the Free Peoples Committee, but Ömer kills Mazlum Kendal with his sniper gun during the live broadcast.

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Teskilat Episode 62 With English Subtitles



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