Hay Sultan Episode 09

Hay Sultan Episode-9 with English Subtitles

Heysultan is a new Turkish Series,This series is made from the life of Abdul Qadar Zilani. we are going to work on this series. We will publish English Subtitles for this series.

A Short Discussion of Abdul Qadir Gilani

When the condition of the Muslim Caliphate is deplorable, when Muslims are fighting over their own religion, when people forget Islam and fall in love with the world, then in the holy month of Ramadan in the year 471 Hijri, in the house of Fatima and Abu Saleh Musha at the place called Naid on the Caspian coast of the district of Jilan in Iran. A baby is born. They named him Mohiuddin Abdul Quader. He is the great Pir Abdul Quader Jilani (RA)!

He showed his charisma soon after his birth, he was born on the night of Ramadan, while people could not see the moon that year due to rain. So they fall into a dilemma. But Abdul Qadir Jilani (RA) was eating food till Subeh Sadiq but since Subeh Sadiq was not able to feed him in any way. By this everyone understands that Ramadan has started. (This incident is a weak narration, yet it has only been pointed out, surely Allah knows best) More

Hay Sultan Episode-9 with English Subtitles


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