Kayifamily UK  website is a subtitle-making platform all over the world. We are making historical, Islamic, and family series and movies in English and other languages. We are also posting series and movie reviews, biographies of Historical heroes, and Real historical content, as well as the lives of the actors and actresses. You can watch those for free.


When sitting down to watch a series or movie together with the family, there is a dilemma. Most of the series or movies that are currently being released are unsuitable for family watching. We are making English subtitle of the series or movies to watch together with the family. No 18+ content is published on our site. Every movie or series is suitable for family enjoyment.

Keeping in mind the convenience of the audience, we have divided our content into several sections, such as Historical content, Action and Adventure content, Arabic content, and Real history. We have also created a Biography section of Historical Heroes, here are movies section for discussing movies and update news. You can enjoy your favourite content by clicking on the above list or menu.

Kayi family UK Historical Show:

Nothing can be imagined without history. Every nation has a history. The history of Muslims is full of heroism. Different series are made at different times centred on history. At present, a very popular series centred on Islamic history is being made in Turkey. In continuation of them, our team has tried in their small efforts to give you something good. Click on the menu to enjoy your favourite historical content.

We have tried to provide updated news, reviews, and subtitles in different languages, including the lives of actors and actresses of these series. The main purpose of our efforts is to present the real history to the people. Our team has tried to give you something good through their hard work. I hope you will benefit from it.

Action & Adventure show by Kayifamily TV:

In addition to historical content, we have worked with several action and adventure content. You can enjoy this series with your family. You won’t find any 18+ scenes here. Those who like this type of content can enjoy it by clicking on Action and Adventure from the list above, or you can also select your favourite series from the menu.

KayiFamilytv Arabic Series:

In addition to the Turkish series, several historical Arabic series have taken place in the minds of people. These series are based on true events.
We have updated the details of several historical Arabic series. In this section, you will find all the information about the series with English subtitles. Those who like this type of content,
Select the Arabic series from the menu and enjoy it.

KayiFamilytv Arabic Series

Kayi family TV Movies:

Not only the series, we have worked on several historical and social movies. Most of these movies are based on true events. We have included the movies in the Movies section. We have tried to discuss the details with movie reviews and create beautiful subtitles. Those of you who like to watch movies of this genre can enjoy it by clicking on the movie section from our menu.

KayiFamily UK Real History, Biography & Update News

In this section of our website we discuss series and movies reviews, series/movie update news, real history, real heroes, battles, victories, and biographies. Click on the image or menu to view

KayiFamily UK Real History, Biography & Update News

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stands as a globally utilized platform for crafting subtitles. Our repository encompasses historical, action, and family-oriented content, all adorned with subtitles. The dedicated team at KAYIFAMILY delves into the creation of narratives, including the lives of Islamic heroes, actors, and actresses. Additionally, we curate and share series and movie reviews and stay abreast of the latest news, historical events, and many updates. Join us on this enriching journey and relish the diverse offerings.

Embarking on the journey of human life involves an integration with myriad elements. As society becomes more acquainted with the internet and various digital platforms, a new player emerges in this modern technological era – “Kayifamily.

Exceptional Features and Standards by Kayi TV

KAYI TV serves as a subtitling platform that brings forth historical, social, Islamic, and family-centric content from across the globe, complete with subtitles and at no cost. Delve into series and movie reviews presented in different languages, covering diverse corners of the world. We seamlessly navigate discussions on both historical and contemporary themes. In tandem with reviews, we illuminate various facets of the real lives of actors and actresses. Enjoy our offerings from any corner of the world.

High-Quality and Family-Friendly Content on KAYIFAMILY TV:

Every piece of content on our platform is crafted for family viewing. In an age dominated by technology, enjoying content together can be challenging. Many series or movies contain scenes not suitable for family viewing. At KAYIFAMILY TV, we assure you 100% good quality content that can be savoured with your loved ones.

Islamic History and Series Reviews by KayiTV:

Explore our collection of reviews of Islamic and historical series with subtitles. Stay updated on Islamic and historical series and movies, all available on our website for free.

Secure and Seamless Download Options:

Rest assured, the KAYIFAMILY website is 100% secure. You won’t encounter any 18+ advertisements or unwanted redirects. Easily download and relish any content from our platform hassle-free.

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