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Kayifamily is an English subtitles company all Over the World. Nowadays there is very little chance of good manners. We are committed to bringing healthy culture to the world.

As many of you know, various Arabic series including Turkish series are very popular in the world nowadays. Various public and private TV channels in Turkey have been airing various series and movies. Dirilis Ertugrul, Kurulus Osman, Payitaht abdul hamid, Uyanish buyuk selcuklu, Mendirman jaloliddin, Destan, Alparslan buyuk sekcuklu, haci bayram veli, and other series are among them.

These series are subtitled and dubbed in different languages ​​of the world. Kayifamily and Kayifamilytv are the organization that has been providing English subtitles for these popular series to reach English-speaking people. You will find English subtitles for every series on our site You can select the resolution you like.

Kayi Family started their subtitles work with the Dirilis Artugrul series. In its continuity, Kayifamily is currently providing English subtitles for all Islamic, historical, social Turkish, and Arabic series and movies.

A brief discussion about different Series and Movies:

Kayifamily and Kayifamily TV new update Series:
As you know kay family tv and Kayifamily websites always bring you something new. This year kayifamilyuk.com has added some new series that you will love. Below is a brief discussion about that series.

Al Sancak English Subtitles: Recently, a series called Al Sancak was released on the Turkish official TV channel TRT 1. The series is also produced by Bozdag Film Studio, produced by Mehmed Bozdag Sir.

Nowadays, various countries are making many series and movies about the glorious aspects of their army. If you notice, recently Turkey has been producing series and movies about various glorious aspects of their army. The Al Sancan series is built on its continuity. For those who want to watch this series, keep an eye on Kayifamily or Kayifamily tv site.

Kayifamily tv Tacsiz Prenses: Recently, a wonderful series was released on the popular Turkish private TV channel Fox channel. This series called Tacsiz Prenses has already captured the hearts of the audience. The series has a rating of 8.6. Kayifamikyuk is always with us to easily watch and download this series from the website.

Kayifamikytv Dokuz Oguz English Subtitles: We have recently undertaken a series called Dokuz Oguz. In this series, various glorious aspects of the Turkish army have emerged. For those of you who want to watch this series regularly, please visit our website www.kayifamilyuk.com. Stay tuned for new episodes every week.

Watch Mendirman Jalaluddin English subtitles on Kayifamily TV: Mendirman Jalaluddin is one of the most popular series among our subtitled series. The series was first released in Uzbekistan last year and later dubbed in Turkey. The series is originally made in the Uzbek language. The first season of the series aired on Milky tv. The 2nd season of this series was released this year. Since it is broadcast in the Uzbek language, it is difficult to subtitle it.

We have already taken up the work of this series. Every episode of the series will be uploaded on the Kayifamilyuk site. Season 2 of the series is airing on Uzbekistan’s private TV channel Zoor TV. Please visit Kayifamily TV to watch the series regularly.

Kayifamily Ates Kuslari with English Subtitles: New series Ates Kuslari aired from Bozdag Film.
We have been regularly uploading this series with English subtitles on our site. We hope you enjoy every episode. Visit www.kayifamilyuk.com to watch this series regularly every week with English subtitles

Kayifamily TV Barbaros Hayreddin: Barbaros Hayreddin is one of the most popular Turkish series currently airing. The first series of this series is currently running. The series airs every Friday night on Turkey’s official TV channel TRT1. Stay tuned to watch the series with English subtitles.

Is the Kayifamily series free?
kayifamilyuk site has made all their videos free to bring you these popular series and movies with English subtitles. You can watch all series or movies from our site for free and download them as you like.

How to download videos from Kayifamily?
Many of you can’t download videos from the site. Or facing various problems downloading. You can easily download videos from our site. You will notice there is a download button below the player. Clicking that button will take you to a download server. There you will find a button called “Download” and click on it you will get different resolutions.

So we have recently introduced 1 click download button below the video player. Different resolutions will be noted on the button. By clicking on the button of the resolution of your choice, the download will start with the Google Chrome browser. In this case, no additional apps are required.

For your convenience, we have provided the player with Telegram links, Google Drive links, and sometimes Facebook links. If you want, you can watch the video from the button attached to the link.

Why should you visit Kayifamily or Kayifamily TV?
The kayifamilyuk.com site is a subtitling platform. We regularly provide good-quality content to our audience. Nowadays, there is very little content that can be enjoyed together with the family. All the series or movies that are being aired by different channels are not suitable to watch with family. There are many offensive scenes in those series or movies which you cannot watch with your family. We are trying to promote family content among viewers.

We are working on a historical series that is based on true events. We are promoting the heroic stories of Muslims with English subtitles among the audience. Many of you do not know the history of the bravery of Muslims. We want to present the real history to you by promoting this historical series.

If you visit our site you will see several social dramas. By watching these dramas, you will learn various educational topics.

Above all the historical, social, and romantic series we are dealing with will help you learn many educational aspects. And you can definitely watch it together with the family.

Watch Dirilis Ertugrul series on Kayi Family:
The Dirilis Artugurul series is one of the most popular series in the world. It is a historical series based on true events. The series aired on the popular government Turkish TV channel TRT 1. The series depicts the rise of Muslims in the Middle Ages. This series has 5 seasons a total of 150 episodes. The Kayifamily was originally established through the translation of this series. The series is subtitled in various languages, we have subtitled all episodes of this series in English for the western English-speaking audience. Those who haven’t seen this series yet can watch it from Kayi Family.

Watch Kurulus Osman with English subtitles on Kayi Family: Kurulus Osman series is currently airing every Wednesday on the Turkish tv Chanel ATV as a sequel to the Dirilis Artugurul series. Osman was the son of Artugrul Ghazi and Halima Sultana. The state that Artgrul Ghazi dreamed of running was established by his son Osman Ghazi. Osman Gazi was the founder of the Ottoman Empire. Based on the life of Osman Ghazi, this series based on true events is currently airing on ATV.

There will be a total of 7 seasons in this series. Currently, the 4th season of this series is running. We are providing English subtitles for the series. Visit kayifamilyuk.com for beautiful fluent subtitles

Payitaht Abdul Hamid on Kayi Family:
One of the most popular series in the world is called Payitaht Abdul Hamid, which is based on true events. Abdul Hamid was the last brave Sultan of the Ottoman Empire. The series is based on his biography. This series has a total of 154 episodes in 5 seasons. Each episode is able to make a place in the mind of the audience. Kayifamily has aired the English subtitles of the series. Visit our site to watch every episode in Full HD.

Watch Uyanish Buyuk Selculku on Kayi Family:
The popular historical series Uyanish Buyuk Selcuklu is based on the true events of the rise and fall of the Seljuk dynasty. This series has a total of 27 episodes in 1 season. Basically, this series highlights the biography and state management of Seljuk Sultan Melikshah. Those who like to watch historical action series can watch this series from the kayifamilyuk.com site.

Alparslan Buyuk Selcuklu on kayi Family:

Alparslan Buyuk Selcuklu is one of the most popular series of the present time which is made as a prequel to the Uyanish Buyuk Selcuklu series. This siege is based on the life of Sultan Muhammad Alp Arsalan, father of Sultan Melikshah. The historical action series is aired every Monday on the Turkish tv channel TRT 1. Currently, this series has 2 seasons running. Those who prefer to watch English subtitles will watch this series from our site. Every Monday within 4 hours of airing in Turkish with English subtitles on our site kayifamiluk.com.

watch other series on Kayifamily.
Apart from the above series we are working on many more series that like to watch historical action series stay with us.

Watch and Download Kayifamily movies: Watch your favorite movies from the Kayi family site and download them in different resolutions in 1 click. Below is a brief discussion about our subtitled movies:

Watch Deliler Movie on Kayifamily: Deliler movie is one of the historical Turkish movies. The movie is set against the backdrop of Vlad’s battle with Sultan Murad II, one of the rulers of the medieval Ottoman. We have uploaded the Deliler movie on our site with English subtitles. We have Facebook, Telegram, and Google Drive links with multiple servers for each movie. You can easily watch the movie online from our site and download it in different resolutions with 1 click.

Watch Turkler Geliyor on Kayifamily: Turkler Geliyor (Turk are coming) is another popular movie. The movie is produced by Bozdag film. Which is very popular all over the world. Those who want to watch the movie with English subtitles can visit the site kayifamikyuk.com. Hope you like the movie.

Watch Valley Of Wolves-Palestine on Kayifamily:
Valley Of Wolves-Palestine is a movie made by Panama film based on the events of Palestine and Israel. You can watch this amazing movie from our website with English subtitles. Those who want to download can download it in different resolutions by clicking on the download button.

Kayifamily “Malazgirt 1071” Movie: “Malazgirt 1071” is a popular movie released recently in Turkey. The movie is based on the biography of Sultan AlpArsalan. We have subtitled this popular movie based on a true story in English. You can now watch the movie from our site.

Watch Can Feda on Kayifamily: One of the most popular movies among Turkish movies is Can Feda (2018). This movie is based on different operations of the Turkish army. The movie gained popularity in many countries around the world including Turkey. The movie is subtitled in different languages. We discussed the movie in detail. Visit our site to watch the movie. You can know more details. Thinking about your convenience, we have added various links with multiple servers.

Watch Wolf (Börü) movies on Kayifamily: One of the most popular movies on our site is Wolf (Börü). The movie is really awesome. We have uploaded the movie on our website with English subtitles. Download the movie from our site in different resolutions.

Watch Mousa Movie on Kayifamily:
Currently, Islamic countries are not behind in making blockbuster movies. Recently, Turkey has made a place in the hearts of movie lovers by producing several historical movies. Over time, Turkey, Iran, and Egypt have produced several movies that have been well received by the audience.

Recently, the Egyptian film industry produced a wonderful movie called Mousa. You wouldn’t think you’d get a movie like this from Egypt. Mousa’s movie is based on science fiction. A college student will be seen avenging his father’s death in this movie. He invented the first robot in the Middle East to catch his father’s killers.

Watch Siccin on Kayifamily: This movie gives a very exotic look at black magic for a change and it shows what happens when you dabble in black magic too much. we think this movie is more pure or impure for that matter, as compared to movies such as Wish master and The omen and other movies. not that those movies are bad, but Siccin gives a more realistic look to it I think. I don’t know how Islamic people feel about this movie, as I can not say that I know much about their cultural beliefs. we really like the movie a lot. therefore the high rating. why not. enjoy and be careful what you wish for. We have uploaded the movie on our website with English subtitles. Download the movie from Kayifamily in different resolutions.

Watch Kurtlar Vadisi Filistan on Kayifamily:

When an Elite Israeli special force team hit a humanitarian ship that was headed to Gaza (Palestinian) in International waters middle of the night helicopters, 9 civilians were killed during heavy Israeli fire. All members of the boat were civilians, unarmed (not counting the sticks and kitchen knives) compared to the heavy artillery the Israeli soldiers had.

It created an enormous event in the Middle East; the media was all over it, especially in Turkey which has led to a political conflict between the two countries.

Download Kurtlar Vadisi Filistan on Kayifamily:

The producers and creators of Kurtlar Vadisi (Valley of the Wolves) and the franchises of the series had announced the production of a movie that will tell the story of what happened that night. It was critically acclaimed so to say in the Middle East and released internationally. I’m one of the lucky ones who could watch this movie in Germany, which was first banned by FSK (Freiwillige Selbstkontrolle Filmwirtschaft) for accused violence and political reasons. After an appeal, the film was released for audiences above the age of 18.

Kayifamily Kurtlar Vadisi Filistan

For those who have watched “Munich” before the storyline what expect you is pretty much the same. 11 Israeli athletes were killed in 1972 during the Olympics in Munich and an Israeli special team was assembled to get revenge and kill the responsible ones for the attack.

Watch Kurtlar Vadisi Filistan on Kayi family:

In this movie you have the same element: Polat Alemdar and his men are going to find the persons responsible for the attack on the humanitarian ship and punish them.

It brings the drama in Palestinian to screen; innocent killings and conflicts in Gaza. I myself found the level of violence and killing in some scenes rather unnecessary. Avoiding some political references and lines would have made this movie lot better.

Kayifamily Kurtlar Vadisi Filistan:

There were no obvious and bothering political messages in Munich, despite some of the critics describing the movie as an “Israeli propaganda movie”. If you think the same as I am, you will not have a problem watching this movie.

Let me remind you it’s not a 100 million-dollar movie. It has a big budget compared to the production in the Middle East but you will see the difference in production and some authenticity flaws if you compare it to American blockbusters.

Kayifamily Türkler Geliyor: The Ottoman Empire made a movie in various productions. Nobody knows our History better than us. I have no say to those who are really critical about it. I respect. Some events may go unreal in movies and books. But it would not be appropriate to cost this for the whole event. after all, how many people know the person who wrote the script? My view is generally good animation. there may be small bits. this is a historical movie after all. Endless thanks to those who contributed.

We are making all Turkish and Arabic series and Movies with English Subtitles. If you want to watch with 4k, FHD, or HD for Free Visit our site.

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