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Deliler (The Valiants)

Deliler or “Madmen” are the cavalry of the Ottoman army that shocked the whole world. The story of this cavalry, which mainly acted with guerrilla tactics as shock troops at the front, is filmed.

The shooting of the film, directed by Osman Kaya, ends in Aksaray province.
production preparations took two years and the movie stars Erkan Petekkaya, Rüzgar Aksoy, İsmail Filiz, Nur Fettahoğlu, Demet Tuncer, Yetkin Dikinciler, Gülşah Şahin, Batın Uçan, Namık Rüstem Khanlı, Kamil Güler, Serhat Şahin, Mehmet Ali Karakus, Mehmet Pala and Baran Öztürk.

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About Vlad, the ImpalerVlad Tepeş was the second son of Vlad Dracul, who became ruler of Wallachia in 1436. Vlad and his younger brother Radu were held hostage in the Ottoman Empire in 1442 to ensure their father’s loyalty. Vlad’s father and elder brother Mircea were murdered after John Hunyadi, the regent-governor of Hungary, invaded Wallachia in 1447.

Hunyadi appointed Vlad’s second cousin, Ladislaus II, as the new voivode. Hunyadi launched a campaign against the Ottomans in the autumn of 1448. and Ladislaus accompanied him. Vlad raided Wallachia with Ottoman support in October, but Vladislav returned and Vlad sought refuge in the Ottoman Empire before the end of the year. Vlad went to Moldavia in 1449 or 1450 and later to Hungary. Relations between Hungary and Ladislaus later deteriorated and in 1456 Vlad invaded Wallachia with Hungarian support.

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Ladislaus died fighting with him. Vlad initiated a purge of the Wallachian boyars to strengthen his position. He came into conflict with the Transylvanian Saxons, who supported his opponents Dan and Basarab Laiotă (who were Vladislav’s brothers) and Vlad’s illegitimate half-brother, Vlad the Monk. Vlad sacked Saxon villages and took the captives to Wallachia, where he had them impaled (which inspired his epithet). Peace was restored in 1460.

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Ottoman Sultan Mehmed II ordered Vlad to pay him personal homage, but Vlad had two of Sultan’s envoys captured and impaled. In February 1462 he attacked Ottoman territory and massacred tens of thousands of Turks and Bulgarians. Mehmed launched a campaign against Wallachia to replace Vlad with Vlad’s younger brother, Radu.

Vlad attempted to capture the sultan at Târgoviște on the night of June 16-17, 1462. The Sultan and the main Ottoman army left Wallachia, but more and more of the Vlachs defected to Radu. Vlad went to Transylvania in late 1462 to seek help from King Matthias Corvinus of Hungary, but Corvinus had him imprisoned. Vlad was imprisoned in Visegrád from 1463 to 1475. During this time, anecdotes about his cruelty began to circulate in Germany and Italy.

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He was in the summer of 1475 at the request of Stephen III. released by Moldova. In early 1476 he fought in Corvinus’ army against the Ottomans in Bosnia. Hungarian and Moldovan troops helped him force Basarab Laiota (who had dethroned Vlad Radu’s brother) to flee Wallachia in November. Basarab returned with Ottoman support before the end of the year.

Vlad was killed in battle before January 10, 1477. Books about Vlad’s cruel deeds were among the first bestsellers in German-speaking countries. In Russia, popular stories suggested that Vlad could only strengthen central power through brutal punishment, and a similar view was held by most Romanian historians in the 19th century. Watch Arabic Subtitles

Deliler with English Subtitles

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