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 Nefes Vatan Sağolsun

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This film tells the story of a small unit of 40 Turkish commandos in a remote radio station in southeastern Turkey in the early 1990s who almost certainly perished during the most brutal moments of the conflict between the Turkish military and Kurdistan. Workers’ Party (PKK).

The film begins with a military helicopter arriving after a firefight with the help of the Karabal military checkpoint. The film then jumps back to winter when Captain Mete (Mete Horozoğlu) and his 40 men arrive at the Karabal military checkpoint to arrest the titular doctor, the leader of the Kurdistan Workers’ Party (PKK).

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Along the way, two of his soldiers are killed by a sniper armed with a Dragunov rifle. When he reaches the checkpoint, he parades with the soldiers and intimidates them for not following their rules. soldiers begin checkpoint maintenance by setting up an observation post. Meanwhile, they also talk about their families and the difficulty of being a soldier in a place like this.

One day, while Commander Mete is on the radio with his wife Zeynep (Birce Akalay), the Doctor intercepts the radio call and threatens him that everyone will die. Mete orders his deputy Bariş (Barış Bağcı) to start stricter patrols around the checkpoint. During one of these patrols, they ambush a group of rebels, killing some of them and injuring a woman (Aslı Turkel).

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Mete’s commander orders Bariş to take her to the checkpoint, where she is treated by a medic, but the commander tries to strangle her by turning on the TV to anger the doctor. After that, Destinations calls in a helicopter and sends it to the base hospital. The Doctor intercepts the radio again and declares that he will attack soon. Months pass and one night a soldier calls his girlfriend to wish her a happy birthday. With shouts, the insurgent’s attack with small artillery and heavy guns.

In the ensuing battle, many are killed on both sides. Bariş and three soldiers pretend to retreat while Mete’s commander is badly injured. The Doctor, seeing dead soldiers, enters and kills the Commander, but is killed by Turgay’s soldier, wounded but not dead. Watch Arabic Subtitles

The Breath Full Movie English Subtitles

Bariş showers the rest of the insurgents with bullets from a higher point, killing them, and securing the checkpoint. The first helicopter comes and picks up the dead and wounded soldiers from Turgay. Commander Mete’s death is reported to Zeynep in Istanbul. The film ends with another military team being sent to a checkpoint.

Watch Nefes: Vatan Sağolsun Full Movie

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