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Fatih Sultan Mehmed Yeni Cag

Fatih Sultan Mehmed’s Yeni Cag English Subtitles

ATV released a movie titled “Fatih Sultan Mehmed’s New Era” on the occasion of Istanbul Victory Day on May 29. The movie is dedicated to the conquest of Istanbul. The movie presents a unique new era vision of Istanbul Conquest. How was the conquest of Istanbul, what was planned?

And after the conquest, how did the Muslims deal with the Christians in Istanbul? The movie is about all of them. The movie reveals the extraordinary bravery of Sultan Mahmud Al Fatih. How generous he was. How did he conquer the capital of such a large empire at such a young age?

Watch Fatih Sultan Mehmed’s Yeni Cag English Subtitles

The Messenger of Allah, peace and blessings be upon him, had a prophecy, he said: Surely Constantinople will be conquered, and how great is the leader who conquers it, how great is the army that conquers it. Hundreds of mujahids, hundreds of soldiers of Islam from the time of the Companions gave their lives in front of the walls of Constantinople to be a part of this prophecy of the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wasallam.

Constantinople was the most fortified city in the world at that time. Nothing could compare to the walls of this city. The Christians inside the city always felt that this wall was breached

It is never possible to enter and conquer this city. They were proud of this wall. But in 1353 that wall was breached over the heads of the Christians and the city was conquered by one of the greatest Muslim conquerors, the Sultan of the Ottoman Empire, Sultan Mehmed Fatih.

Fatih Sultan Mehmed’s Yeni Cag English Subtitles

When he conquered this city, he was 21 years old. The great commanders of the Christians within the city bowed before him. Their plans were thwarted one after the other by Sultan Mehmed and Fatih. He fought for 53 days with brave Muslim youths and achieved this victory.

This victory is a great history. This victory is the glory of the Turks. This victory is the victory of Muslims. This movie is made to remind Turks again of this victory, Turkish movie/series lovers must watch it.more

Fatih Sultan Mehmed’s Yeni Cag English Subtitles HD



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