Jalal Uddin VS Changis Khan

Jalal Uddin VS Changis Khan English Subtitles

This documentary series explores the major wars that occur nearly every century, with a focus on outstanding leaders and the causes of wars. MORE

Jalal Ad-Din Mankabarti challenges the Mongols in the Battle of the Indus River.



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  1. Assalaam o alaikum
    Jazakallah ❤️ for your Support
    You have done what you said. Great!

    KINDLY Can you Upload Tozkoparan series also in English Subtitles on your Website?
    Specifically If you Upload the Last Episode of Tozkoparan series Then i will be thankful for you.

      1. I have open your Website Kayi Family Tv.com and also Tozkoparan Episodes are Uploaded there but even then a single server is not showing.
        Please visit to your Website again and solve the Problem or Upload that Series on this Website.
        But i am saying again there was no video or Server was available.

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