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Kurulus Osman Episode 102

Kurulus Osman Episode 102 English Subtitles

Episode 101 starts from where Kurulus Osman 100 ended, that is, Osman Bey and Olof were fighting, but the sudden appearance of Kantakogenus stopped the battle, but we did not understand how Kantakogenus would save Olof from Osman Ber. Kurulus Osman Volume 101 begins with this scene.

Saving Olof from Osman Ber:

We saw in the last episode that Osman Bey and Olof were involved in a battle, Osman Bey almost defeated Olof and his army, and just as Olof was about to be defeated, Kantakogenus appeared and said, “You are fighting the wrong people, Osman.” bay,

He also says that Olof is one of the best commanders in Rome, Osman Bey ignores Cantacogenus to take revenge on his Alps, he says that he punished the people of Uktem Bey for attacking the border villages if Osman still doesn’t agree. Kantakogenus tricked Usman into telling Osman about the kidnapping of Ber’s son, Alauddin.

Kantakogenus’ plot to abduct Alauddin:

Basically, there is one thing here, even if Kantakogenous inherits the throne, he cannot become the emperor, before Ophelia, the emperor’s daughter, now he wants to get Ophelia out of his way by plotting, so he himself kidnaps Alauddin with his mercenary Vikings. imposes on Ophelia,

He tells Osman Bey that his son Alauddin is captured by his enemy, Emperor’s daughter Ophelia has kidnapped his son, the reason for blaming Ophelia is that Osman can’t bear to touch his son, so he blames it on Ophelia with his son. He finally succeeds in his plot.

Rescuing Alauddin from the Enemies:

When Osman Bey came to know that his son Alauddin had been kidnapped from his town of Yenisehir, he followed in his footsteps and went out to look for Alauddin. On the way, he saw his Bala Hatun with a group of soldiers. to find

They followed the mark and moved forward, at one point they found their mark, the reason for getting the mark was that they were dragging Usman into their trap, finally ignoring the trap, Osman and Bala rescued his son Alauddin.

Trap on Trap:

They basically capture Alauddin to trap Usman, Kantakogenus gives clue to Usman that your son is kidnapped by Ophelia, and you rescue him. Basically, it’s a trap, Usman bey swallows their bait but they can’t trap Usman, Usman is careful. You are a real example.

He took the precaution of rescuing Alauddin as well and finishing off the forces of Olaf who were setting a trap for Osman when Osman fell into such a trap.

On the one hand, Cherkutai was assigned, Roman will burn them with fire powder, on the other hand, Boran, Ayaz, and Dumrul shot arrows from all sides with two soldiers, as a result of which they were defeated. Osman Bey won this battle and rescued Alauddin.

Conspiracy of Kantakogenus:

Marta conspires to frame Oktem Bey, who hides the cotton tax for Constantinople in Oktem Ber settlement, and they claim to have recognized the tax by attacking the border village of Batur, basically, they planned the attack, and Osman Bey is pressured,

In order to find out the tax, Osman Bey ordered Turgut Bey to search the settlement of Oktem Bey, Turgut Bey, and Oktem Bey searched the settlement of Oktem Bey and eventually found gold in his settlement, and found Oktem Bey guilty.

Oktem Bey:

Oktem Bey was a very good man, he was not actually involved in any bad deeds but he got involved in the fault of fate, history tells us that he supported Osman Bey in the end. Even after all these incidents, he never said anything bad about Osman Bey.

Always said in positive words, this thing fascinates me. But his way of saying ala (beautiful) seems to me like Sadeddin Kopek 😀 But many people comment, his face is similar to Artgrul’s look in season five of Artgrul.

Attack on Sugut:

Meanwhile, they kept Osman Bey Alauddin busy with hunting, they again infiltrated Sugut to turn Sugut into a pile of destruction, they started attacking Sugu but Malhun Hatun

And Ayesha, through Hatun’s intelligence, escapes Sugut from them and eventually escapes, but here the Olofs are defeated, but they have a small victory, in that Olof’s army is able to rescue Dan from prison.

Osman Ber’s advice to Alauddin:

Although Orhan Bey was given charge of the fortress of Karajahisa in the Bed meeting, Alauddin was not given any responsibility, due to which Alauddin’s anger towards his father was born, the anger of the sons can be understood by fathers,

Similarly, Osman Bey understood that Alauddin was angry, so Osman Bey came to his son before leaving for the trip and explained to his son, saying, fathers’ minds are very big, and fathers do not differentiate between sons.

Malhun and Bala’s love for each other:

This is seen in our society, If the husband marries a second time, the first wife does not tolerate the second wife once, but what is their love for each other in the previous age?

In fact, if there was no such kind of love, such a great state would not have been born, Bala thinks that Malhun’s son means Bala’s son, and Malhun thinks that Bala’s child means his child. . If the girls of our society were like this today…! It was different in the world.

Establishment of detective agency:

We see in many series, of Muslim spies in infidel forts or infidel hideouts. Organization of spies, we see this in the Payithat series, as well as in Barbarossa.

In fact, they have been around since the beginning of the Ottoman Empire, which we first saw in Kurulus Osman Season 4, in a form of organization that we haven’t seen before in Artgrul or Kurulus.
I saw a spy like that,

But now we see a whole organization, which is the leadership of the emperor’s palace conur, they live there separately, some are imprisoned, some are beggars, some are servants, and they live in the emperor’s palace completely isolated, we will see the big role of these spies in the future.

Poisoning of the Emperor by Kantakogenus:

Kantakogenus made many plots at once, his first plot to kidnap Orhan failed, then he tried to kidnap Alauddin, tried to destroy the settlement of Oktem Bey, tried to kill the emperor, in the first stage he failed in the first plot to kill the emperor but arranged the second plot in such a way Even if the stick does not break, the snake does not die.

That is, he poisoned the emperor in such a way that he blames it on Ophelia. If he had succeeded in his plot, then the emperor would have died by poisoning, and Ophelia would have been killed for killing her father, the emperor. Meanwhile, Kantakogenus’ path to the throne would have been easier, but he failed again in his plot, and Osman Bey did not save the emperor again.

Edeb Ali’s advice:

When Orhan and Alauddin went to study with Dursun Faqih, they met Edeb Ali there, he told them about Yusuf (a) and his brothers and advised Alauddin and Orhan.

Which was important advice for Orhan and Alauddin. Because there had been a little misunderstanding between the two of them, resulting in a little jealousy, this admonition removed the jealousy that had built up in their minds.

Saving Ophelia by Osman Bey:-

In the Emperor’s palace in Constantinople, there is a commotion over the poisoning of the emperor, where his own daughter Ophelia is blamed.

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When Ophelia runs for her life, Konur does not save her, meanwhile, Olof and his soldiers find out that Konur is helping Ophelia to escape, after knowing that they search for Konur all over the palace, they also run away, at one point they are caught by Olof, Conur’s spies and Olof’s forces fought fiercely, with Olof defeating Conur.

As he goes to kill Kanur, Osman doesn’t enter, but Kanur survives in the end. I see you wherever you go, says Olof. At that time Osman Ber said, Since you are against me, Your end is certain. This is the end of Kurulus Osman 101 vol.




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Watch Kurulus Osman Episode 102 English Subtitles on Netflix
Watch Kurulus Osman Episode 102 English Subtitles Osmanonline
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