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Kurulus Osman 135

Kurulus Osman 135 in English

Assalamu Alaikum, Dear audience brothers and sisters. Hope everyone is healthy. Today we will talk about Kurulus Osman Season 5 Episode 134. We’ll talk more about what’s to come in the next episode. First I will discuss some special issues of the last episode.

1 – Death of Boran Alp: Osman Bey’s trusted aide, Boran Alp, is murdered by Tekfur Vessels’ spies in Ineşihar, leaving viewers reeling. Techfur Commander has come to Sogu with a new plan in the form of basically new trader Agar. He bought his shop in the border market and came to reclaim their kingdom from the border area.

He has started a secret game with Osman Bey And the first victim of that secret murder was Boran Alp. He wants to remove everyone from Osman Bey side one by one. And that’s why Osman Bey came to Ineshihar as a trader.

Kurulus Osman Season 5 Episode 135 English Subtitles

He met Osman Ber in the street. When Osman Bey was returning from the border market area, Osman Bey was seen with his caravan. Then a group of soldiers dressed as knights attacked the caravan. That attack was resisted by Osman Bey’s small force. This is how Osman met them.

2 – Appointed Cherkutai Alp as Head of Yakub Bay Bazaar. By doing this, Cherkutai is gone. To destroy Osman Ber’s reputation, Yaqub Bey spread the news of Lekfe Fort being given to him in the bazaar. He was assisted in this work by Cherkutai Bey, appointed as head of the market. Malhun Hatun, on the other hand, responded to Yakub Ber’s wife’s insult by adopting a special method.

Malhun Hatun informed the carpet makers in the border area. They were told that when Yakub went out to buy carpets from the settlement, they should give them old and damaged carpets. And Yakub came out with the ruined carpet and raised his hand on his wife’s head.

Thus Malhun Hatun answered him insult. Unable to bear this humiliation, Yakub Bey plans to attack the carpet van to get his wife Malhun. Malhun realized Hatun and changed the route of the cargo vans beforehand. Yakub’s wife lost this time too. And so the opportunity awaits how to discipline Malhun Hatun.

3 – Mehmed Bey, son of Yakub Ber, wounded by Orhan Bey. Osman Bey gave various medicines to his son Alauddin Bey Mehmed Bey. When Mehmed Bey was brought to the settlement with serious injuries, their Hekim was not in the settlement. Due to which Yaqub Be worried about Mehmed Ber’s treatment.

Then Yaqub brought Ber’s daughter Gonje Hatun to Alauddin Bey. At first, Yakub did not want Alauddin to give him medicine. But having no choice, he was forced to accept Alauddin’s treatment. Gonje Hatun thanked Alauddin Bey when Mehmed Bey opened his eyes by the grace of God. In this way, the love relationship between both becomes deeper. Kurulus Osman Episode 135 with English Subtitles

4- Accepting obedience to Yaqub, Osman Bey finally accepted allegiance to Yaqub Bey. Osman Bey wants to take advantage of its various reasons Maybe the Mongols will come in the next episode. How Osman Bey copes with that is now waiting to be seen. In addition, Tekfur Valens and his associates are weaving a web of new conspiracies in the next episode. Osman Bey on the one hand is somewhat risk-free by accepting Yaqub Bey’s loyalty. more

Kurulus Osman Episode 135 with English Subtitles




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