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Who was Holofira?

Assalamu Alaikum, today we will highlight important historical characters Helofira and Orhan, some real events that happened to them, stay tuned for the end, Helofira was the second mother of the Ottoman Empire and the first Byzantine bride to arrive in the Ottoman family.

After becoming a Muslim, he was named Nilufar Hatun. The love of Helofira and Orhan is beautifully depicted in Suleyman Chabanoglou’s poem “Daughter of Tekfur”. The history of Ottoman Empire is filled with stories of famous people, every single character of this great state was very important. Centuries later, these characters are still alive in the hearts of fans.

Did anyone ever think that a princess raised in a Byzantine castle would give birth to a great sultan in the future? A girl as high as a sultana was once a Byzantine princess. Holofira’s mother is said to have died in his infancy, so history traces Holofira back to when the Ottomans conquered the great Byzantine fortress of Belcic.

This incident of Holofira is recorded in detail in history. After Helofira came of age her father decided to give his daughter in marriage to the Belsic governor. So that he can keep himself safe from Shakra Some historians say that the marriage between Holofira and Belcic governor was consummated. Many others said that they were supposed to get married, but later the marriage was not completed. Although the subject is quite complex, historians do not agree on a single story.

But it is clear that the Byzantine governors planned to kill Osman Bey when he was invited to the wedding ceremony. The plan of the Byzantine Tekfurs was then thwarted by the efforts of Mihail Kosses. Osman Bey then conquered the two great Byzantine fortresses of Belsik and Yarhisar. As was the case with the Byzantine governors, Uthman Bey brought Holofira from there as booty to the settlement of Kayi. Kurulus Osman Season 5 Cast

Thereafter, she was married to Orhan Ghazi. Such information is recorded in many Ottoman history books but no Byzantine historian mentions this event.

Eventually this Byzantine bride bore the sons of Orhan Gazi. It is clearly recorded in history that Nilufa Hatun was the mother of Sultan Murad and according to some historians, Qasim was also the son of Orhan Gazi and Nilufa Hatun.

He died young. However, the marriage details of Orhan Gazi and Nilufar Hatun are clearly not recorded by many in history. But according to some histories, after the conquest of the fortresses of Belcic and Yarhisar from the Byzantines, the marriage of the Byzantine princess Holofira to Usman Ber’s son Urhan was decided, followed by a grand wedding in the Byzantine fortress of Karachahisar. Become a Muslim by reciting Holofira Kalima at this wedding ceremony.

It is worth noting that Ibn Battuta also mentions Nilufa Hatun in his book, saying that he met Nilufa Hatun personally. Batuta writes in history that Nilufar Hatun spent most of his life in Bursa with Orhan Gazi.

On the other hand, when Orhan Gazi was busy with his great victories, Nilufar Hatun had greatly cooperated in welfare work, sometimes Holofis also worked as a judge in Urhan Gazi’s absence. Kurulus Osman Season 5 Cast

Nilufar Hatun is said to have been very interested in charity and philanthropy. Despite being the mother of a great kingdom, Nilufa Hatun lived a very simple life.

A city in Bursa was named after Nilufar Hatun. Nilufar Hatun, whose story begins as a Byzantine princess and ends as an Ottoman queen. Although they are famously recorded in Ottoman history, Western historians have written nothing about them. Nilufa Hatun’s death is recorded as having died in 1383, when he was about 99 or 100 years old, Nilufa Hatun was buried in Bursa. His grave is next to Orhan Gazi.

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