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Kurulus Osman Season 6 ACTOR/ACTRESS

Kurulus Osman Season 6 Actor and Actress List

With Season 5 of Kurulus Osman concluded, there’s no longer a need to eagerly await Thursdays each week. Who else is missing the series already? Today, we’ll delve into the latest official updates about Kurulus Osman Season 6, including which characters will return, who will be absent, and the historical figures we can expect to see, Insha’Allah.

Holofira Hatun: Absent in Season 6

Reliable sources confirm that Holofira Hatun will not appear in Season 6. Throughout Season 5, viewers anticipated Orhan and Holofira’s wedding, which never materialized. Holofira Hatun’s stellar performance in Season 5 won the hearts of many, and her historical contributions to the Ottoman Empire’s establishment are significant. However, Bozdag Films has not signed her for the upcoming season.

Elsim Hatun’s Pregnancy

In the series, Elsim Hatun is shown to be pregnant, with the last episode mentioning their baby boy will be named Sulaiman Shah. Historically, Sultan Orhan Gazi’s son was Sulaiman Shah, and his mother was Holofira Hatun. However, since Orhan and Holofira were not married in the series, some historical liberties may continue in Season 6.

Osman Bey: Borak Ozcivit Returns

There was speculation about whether Borak Ozcivit, who brilliantly portrays Osman Bey, would return for Season 6, as his contract with Bozdag Films was only through Season 5. Official updates confirm that Borak Ozcivit has renewed his contract for Season 6, ensuring we will continue to see him as Osman Bey. His impeccable performance makes it hard to imagine anyone else in the role.

Orhan Bey: Emre Bey Stays

Emre Bey, who portrays Orhan Bey, faced initial skepticism from viewers but has worked hard to embody the character throughout Season 5. According to the latest updates, Emre Bey will reprise his role as Orhan Bey in Season 6.

Yaqub Bey and Mehmed Bey: Departing Characters

Yaqub Bey and his son Mehmed Bey have been central figures since the beginning of Season 5, but their recurring schemes and defeats have frustrated many viewers. Reliable sources indicate that neither character will return in Season 6.

Bala Hatun and Fatma Hatun: Returning

Bala Hatun has been a constant presence alongside Osman Bey, with her performance consistently captivating audiences. She will return in Season 6. The actress playing Fatma Hatun, who has also impressed viewers, will be back as well.

Alaeddin Bey and Gonca Hatun: Updates

Alaeddin Bey’s actor has impressed with his portrayal, and he will continue in Season 6. However, none of the Germiyan characters will return. Gonca Hatun will also be seen in Season 6.

Malhun Hatun and Mihail Kosses: Possibilities

There was speculation about Mihail Kosses appearing in Season 5, but the actor had committed to another series, which has since been canceled. This opens the possibility of Mihail Kosses appearing in Season 6. Historically, Mihail Kosses supported Osman Gazi in the conquest of Bursa. Malhun Hatun, absent in the last part of Season 5 due to maternity leave, has already been signed for Season 6. We can expect her to return, and more historical characters may join as well.

Konur Bey, Boran Bey, and Jerkutay Bey: Staying

The roles of the Alps are crucial in the formation of the Ottoman Empire. Historically, Konur Bey played a significant role in many battles with Osman Gazi. While Boran Bey and Jerkutay Bey are fictional characters, they are prominently featured in the series. According to updates, Konur Bey, Boran Bey, and Jerkutay Bey will all be present in Season 6.

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