Kurulus Osman with English Subtitles

Kurulus Osman Episode 107 English Subtitles

Kurulus Osman Episode 107 English Subtitles

Kurulus Osman Episode 107 English Subtitles

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Consultation meeting of Osman Bey: Episode 106 picks up one day after ep 105 ends. In the beginning, Osman Bey is seen holding a consultation meeting with his family members, telling them who can do what to do in the conquest of Kobri Fort. Bala Hatun would fight with Osman Bey, on the other hand, Malhun Hatun would show allegiance to the Seljuks. All of them went out in their own way.

Headquarters of Osman Bey: After the conquest of Marmarajik Fort, Osman Bey became enthusiastic about conquering new forts for the Ottomans, he saw and wanted to conquer Kobri Fort, now to conquer Kobri Fort, high walls must be overcome. Now there is no other way, then Osman Bey built a headquarters, from where he would directly attack the fort with slingshots, break the walls of the fort and enter the fort and conquer the fort.

Preparation of Magnetic (Gulati): We all know that during the Inegul conquest, Rakhal Akcha and Kamar Daud Usta had many slings, which were used as the leadership of Gunduz Bey, they remained in Inegul for so long.
Now Turgut Bey Marmarajik did not get the responsibility of the fort and went to the old fort and took up his position. Now when Konur Alp goes for a slingshot, Turgut Bey informs that he will not give the slingshot, it is his right to use it. No new slings needed to be made.

Treaty of Ismihan Sultana with Kantakujanus: Ismihan Sultana sought his cooperation against Osman by freeing Kantakuzenus, who had been imprisoned by Osman Bey, and would cooperate with each other to finish Osman off.

Martyrdom of Alp Saroza of Osman Bey: Osman Bey sent Saroja Alp after Ismihan Sultana, that Alp saw the agreement between Ismihan Sultana and Kantakuzenus, at one point he was noticed by the soldiers of Ismihan Sultana, then that Saroja Alp was brutally killed by Ismihan Sultana. The hypocrites did not hesitate to sacrifice their own people to achieve their interests.

Ismihan Sultana’s persuasion to Turgut Bey: Ismihan Sultana tries to separate Osman Beys Alp and his beys, but if he does not succeed at first, then we see that Ismihan Sultana succeeds in taking Turgut Bey into his fold. This place seems to be a wedding plan, arranged by Osman Bey. Turgut will proceed to conquer the fortress by showing Bey as a traitor.

Treaty of Frigg and Ismihan Sultanate: Bynder Bey learned that Martha was originally a Frigg. When Binder told this news to Ismihan Sultana, Ismihan Sultana pulled Marta towards him. And this incident was seen by Malhun Hatun. Through this, Marta comes under even more suspicion.

Love of Aktemur and Al-Chichek: The love of both of them got stuck in the middle of and Bynder came forward as a villain. He secretly proposed Al-Chichek to be his Hatun to Bingi Hatun, Al-Chichek’s mother. He did not give Sai at first. The accumulated love began to end in a moment. When al-Chichek told this news to Aktemur, Aktemur told his uncle. His uncle Usman Bey sent the news to Oktem Bey.

Al-Chichek’s marriage proposal by Bandar Bey: Bainder Bey knows that if he goes alone, Oktem Bey will not marry his daughter to him even in his life, so he plans to take Ismihan Sultana with him to propose her marriage to Oktem Bey. Osman Bey came at one point with a dirty face. But he told his nephew to have hope.

Betrayal of Bynder Bey: Pursuing Aktemur and Al-Chichek, he learns the location of the headquarters, he immediately sends word to Olof, that this is clear treachery, and that if Bynder Bey is revealed now, he must be killed.

Ismihan Sultana invited Shaikh Edeb Ali: Ismihan invited Sultana Shaikh to Sogu, Shaykh Edeb Ali responded to his invitation and went to Sogu, Ismihan told Sultana about hypocrites while giving Shaykh advice. Hypocrites said everything that harmed Islam. Speaking about the bad dua of the Prophet, may God bless him and grant him peace, for the hypocrites, Ismihan looked as if everything was going through him.

Attack on HQ by Olof: Olof and his army attack the base of Usman Ber, we have seen almost, all Muslims have suffered great disasters due to treacherous hypocrites like Oral Bey destroying Artgrul’s sling in Dirilis volume 104.

Along with the loss of Samsa Alp, Dirilis’ favorite person. I feel like I’m going to lose someone dear here too, but who is that dear person? And who will protect Bala Hatun? Perhaps a favorite character can take on the enemy, such as Koss, or a historical figure. Olof put an end to Osman Bey’s pursuit of his army in a moment. Olof and his army finish the last remnants left by Gunduz and Daud Usta.

Beys invitation by Ismihan Sultana: Ismihan Sultana invited all the Bhims of the border area and invited Osman Bey and his family. Osman Bey showed loyalty to the Seljuks by appearing in Dawa, the conversation was going well, but at one point a soldier of Ismihan Sultana came and reported that Olof attacked the headquarters, and the situation was very bad.

In that situation, instead of comforting Sultana Usman, Ismihan asked, “Who are you?” Building headquarters? Then Osman Bey replied, The headquarters is mine, and the rule here is mine, it is up to me what to do when.

Written by Junaid Karim

Kurulus Osman Episode 107 English Subtitles




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