Kurulus Osman with English Subtitles

Kurulus Osman Episode 112

Kurulus Osman Episode 112 English Subtitles

Kayifamily Kurulus Osman Episode 112 English Subtitles


At the beginning of the episode, we see the destruction of Ismihan Sultan’s Sogut. Only fire is burning on all sides. Everything has been destroyed. Ismihan Sultan’s alpa Osman Ber alpa started shooting arrows. Osman Bay and Alpha entered the market in two divisions. Shaykh Edeb Ali left Sultan Masud in a secret room during his imprisonment.

Sheikh Edeb Ali was brutally beaten. During this conflict between Ismihan Sultan and Osman Ber Alp, Sultan Masud came out of the house. When the soldiers saw the Sultan and tried to approach, they were killed by Osman Ber al-Par.

Sultan was sent to a safe place along with Gurbuz Alp. After killing all of the Sultan’s soldiers, Ismihan went to rescue Konur Alp. Ismihan Sultan of Konur Alp made a kind of epidemic disease in his body with snake and snake poison.

Osmanonline Kurulus Osman Episode 112 English Subtitles

Kanu Alp becomes almost like death. Kumral Abdal forbade everyone to touch him Because it is a contagious disease. So he examined Kanur Alp from a distance. Kumral Abdal started all kinds of efforts to save Kanur.

The disease began to spread throughout Sogu. Bala Hatun Malhun Hatun sat together and started criticizing various actions of Ismihan Sultan. At this time Alchechik’s associate Aisha Hatun entered the room with sherbet. Ayesha tells Bala Hatun that a special message has arrived from Ismihan Sultan. Only given to you. Bala Hatun reads the message.

Kayifamily tv Kurulus Osman Episode 112 English Subtitles

Ismihan Sultan summoned Bala Hatun to Marmarazi to release Shaykh Edeb Ali. Bala Hatun got the message and left for Marmarajik without telling anyone. When Bala Hatun left the fort alone, Alauddin Bey came in charge of Halima. Halima is the younger daughter of Bala Hatun. Halima started crying a lot as Bala Hatun left. At this time Alauddin Bey started swinging him on the swing Alauddin Bey also became emotional.

He started praying to Allah for his mother and father. Leaving Alauddin Bey Halima with Olgen Hatun, Bala leaves for Marmarajik in search of Hatun. At this time Aktemur Bey stopped Alauddin Bey. And explains to her that “who will look after Halima when she is gone”. Then Alauddin Bey returned to Halima without going to Marmarazi.

Osmanonline Kurulus Osman Season 4 Episode 112 English Subtitles

Marmaraji was taken prisoner by Sultana Shaykh Edeb Ali. When Bala Hatun went to Marmaraji, he was also imprisoned. When Osman Bey Shaikh went to Marmarazi to rescue Edeb Ali and Bala Hatun, he was not allowed to enter. He was asked to bring Sultan Masud
Upon entering Marmarazi, Oktem Bey sees Sheikh Ismihan and asks the Sultan why he has been brought.

Then Ismihan Sultan said that Sheikh Edeb Ali was his prisoner No one goes outside the fort without his permission. Ask to increase security everywhere. Oktem Bey Ismihan wants to go against the Sultan, but he cannot go because of Bengi Hatun. Oktem Bey was very saddened to see the shaykh imprisoned.

Bengi Hatun is always on his side in fear of Ismihan Sultan. He could not be happy with any decision of Osman Ber. So he keeps Ayesha as a spy in Ineshihar. And he is always busy conveying all the news to Ismihan Sultan.

Kurulus Osman Season 4 Episode 112 English Subtitles Kayifamily TV

Osman Bey returned to Inesihar to learn that Sultan Alauddin was bringing a large army. So Osman Bey called Turgut Bey. Sultan ordered Turgut Bey to bring Alauddin to Sogu at any cost. Because Sultan Alauddin will arrest Osman Bey when he comes. Therefore, efforts should be made to delay Sultan’s arrival at Marmarajik Fort.

Turgut Bey Sultan was brought to Sogu by order of Osman Ber. The people of Sogut reported to the Sultan about the disease that had overtaken them. Sultan ordered to bring of Hekim from Konya. Sultan Sogu met Malhun Hatun. Malian Hatun very cleverly mixed an anesthetic in Sultan’s food Sultan fell asleep after eating And Osman puts the plan into action.

Osman Bey Ismihan began digging secret tunnels to rescue Shaykh and Bala Hatun from the Sultan. But Ismihan Sultan put water in a pot and hung it up so that he could sense it when it hit the ground.

Kurulus Osman Episode 112 English Subtitles Kayifamily

And so Osman Bey understood that the tunnel was on its way. When Osman Bey entered the castle through the tunnel, Olof held a knife to the Shaykh’s throat and Ismihan held a knife to the throat of Bala Hatun. Ismihan Sultan warned Osman for the last time. Sheikh Edeb Ali and Bala Hatun will be hanged if Sultan Masud is not taken. After hearing this, Osman Bey and his alpa left.

Finally, Osman Bey left for Marmarajic with Sultan Masud. He and Sultan Masud entered Marmaraji. Osman Bey tells Ismihan Sultan that you wanted me, I came. You wanted Sultan Masud, he is also present here. Now leave Shaykh and Bala Hatun After hearing this, Sultan Ismihan ordered the execution of Sheikh Edeb Ali and Bala Hatun. Then Osman Bey was shocked. And this episode ends with this scene

Kurulus Osman Episode 112 English Subtitles



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Watch Kurulus Osman Season 4 Episode 112 English Subtitles Kayifamily

Watch Kurulus Osman Episode 112 English Subtitles Kayifamily

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