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Kurulus Osman Episode 109 English Subtitles

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At the beginning of the episode, we see that Osman Bey has returned to Ineşihar. At the end of the last episode, Osman Bey was captured by Ismihan Sultan’s soldiers in the Marmarajik fortress, because Oktem Ber’s daughter Alchechik was kidnapped by Bala Hatun. And Ismihan Sultan was angry with Osman Bey and Malhun Hatun for that fault. Osman Bey escaped from the fort after fearing that there was poison outside the fort. But actually, there was nothing there. Watch Kurulus Osman Episode 109 English Subtitles

Bandar Bey gets very angry because of the marriage breakdown. Osman vows to take revenge on Bey. Bynder Bey brought the complaint to Oktem Bey and began to speak loudly. Oktem Bey then became angry. He left for Inesihar. Watch Kurulus Osman Episode 109 English Subtitles

Al Chechik was sitting next to Aktemur talking about that day. Alchechik was crying. But he did not believe that Aktemur told Alchechik that Olof told him that Alchechik married Bynder Bey. But Alchechik agreed to marry Bynder Bey because of his absence

Distraught over this, Alchechik returned to Marmarazi with Oktem Bey and Bengi Hatun, Osman Bey was then with Ismihan Sultan. Ismihan asked Sultan Osman Bey to return the three forts to him. Osman Bey made a proposal for a peace treaty. And Kantakazanos was also present at that peace treaty. Osman Bey moved from there to Ineşehir without making a deal. Watch Kurulus Osman Episode 109 English Subtitles

Because of Osman Bey’s departure without a treaty, he was threatened with an army of 1000 horsemen to attack Ineşihar. When this news reached Malhun Hatun, he strengthened the security system of Inesihar.

Osman Bey became very worried. On the one hand, is the fortress won by blood? On the other hand, it was very dangerous to fight the forces of the Ismihan Sultan and Kantakazanos at this time. So he kept praying to Allah in private to get rid of this problem. Osman Bey called a meeting of Vedas and informed everyone about this problem. In the meeting, he decided that he would hand over the three forts to Ismihan Sultan. Despite everyone’s objections, he stuck to this decision. Watch Kurulus Osman Episode 109 English Subtitles

After this decision, Shahin Bey and two Beys went to Ismihan Sultan and he made them the heads of the three forts. But just couldn’t trust them. So Olof asked his army to keep a small number of troops in each fort. Watch Kurulus Osman Season 4 Episode 109 English Subtitles

Turgut Bey and Olof were forced to sit at a table by the orders of Ismihan Sultan. And they discussed Osman Ber. Meanwhile, Turgutbe informed Ismihan Sultan about the suspicion that Konur Alp Osman Ber could be an accomplice. All the news of Ismihan Sultan went to Konur Alp to reach Osman Ber. Then Turgut saw Bey. And Ismihan reported it to the Sultan.

Kantakazanos goes to Olof. Called to fulfill the call to Christianity that he had previously announced. Kantakazanos took the clergy with him. Olof took a special holy bath and became a Christian. Because to be a Byzantine commander, he must be a Christian. Watch Kurulus Osman Episode 109 English Subtitles

After Marmaraczyk returned with Alchechik, Alchechik’s mother began to talk a lot. Then Alchechik gets excited and asks to kill him At that time when Bynder Bey wanted to marry Alchechik again, Oktem Bey rejected his proposal. Asks to see Alchechik as a sister. Then Binder Bey wanted to talk about various things, but Oktem Bey did not agree to listen to anything

Bynder Beke Dar returns all the gifts and asks him to leave. Ismihan Sultan came to Sogu. And Osman Bey returned to Ineşihar and organized a family feast. Watch Kurulus Osman Episode 109 English

All the cooking work is completed by all the alps and warriors together. and meet for dinner. Suddenly news came that the three castles were to be ruled equally by Olof’s people. Osman Bey got angry at this. And leave the food and go up.

Kumral Abdal went to Turgut Ber again. Does he want to see if Turgut Ber has changed his mind? But Turgut Bey still hasn’t changed his mind. Instead, Konur Alp reported the news to Ismihan Sultan.

Osman Bey decided to go to Konya to get rid of all these problems. Turgut Bey Ismihan reported this to the Sultan. Ismihan sent a message to Sultan Konya. Mangal informs the commander that Osman Bey is going to Konya. Watch Kurulus Osman Season 4 Episode 109 English Subtitles

Meanwhile, Ismihan Sultan came to Ineshihar. He brought Marta with him. In this meeting, Ismihan Sultan threw away the plate of food first. Then there was a debate between Malhun Hatun and Bala Hatun. Finally, Ismihan Sultan ordered them to return to the settlement with everything. Then Bala Hatun became very angry. Watch Urdu Subtitles

And when Ismihan was about to attack Sultan, Malhun prevented Hatun Bala from doing so. Marta was ordered by Ismihan Sultan to groom Inesihar well. Meanwhile, Osman Bey went to Konya and was captured by the Mangals. Bandar Bey went to Konya on the orders of the Ismihan Sultan to take revenge from Osman Bey. And this episode ends with Osman Ber being captured.

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