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Kurulus Osman Episode 118 English Subtitles

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Review of the last Episode

This episode of Kurulus Osman was very exciting. The episode begins with Osman Ber holding a knife to Naiman’s throat. Because Naiman kidnapped Bey’s sons for gold.

That gold Osman Bey kidnapped from the road. But no one knows that. Naiman and Ismihan Sultan view this with suspicion. So he kidnaps Bay’s sons and brings them back. Now Naiman gives a condition to Osman Bey.

Kurulus Osman Episode 118 English Subtitles kayifamily

Within 2 days, Osman Bey must go to Naiman with the gold. If not, Naiman will kill Veda’s sons Osman Bey agreed to his terms. Then Osman Bey began to apply other pressures. to bring their sons back from Naiman. Osman Bey assured them.

Osman Bey promises them that he will bring back their sons. Tells them to be quiet. Osman Bey goes to Naiman with Turgut Bey. And went there to meet Naiman. When Naiman asked Osman for gold, he said that he will give it but first he must bring the sons of Bed before him.

Naiman brought out the boys as he promised. Osman Bey then says that he does not have gold. Because Olof took the gold. This made Naiman angry. Naiman asks Osman Bey to bring gold. But Osman Bey says that he cannot attack Olof. Because his soldiers will die

Kurulus Osman Episode 118 English Subtitles kayifamily tv

So Naiman asks Swarn to bring himself. Olof’s Naiman gets angry. Olof abducts the trap (counterfeit gold) that Osman had sprung from near a mountain the day before. Naiman goes to Olof to get his gold. Osman Bey planned to attack Naiman’s forces at this opportunity.

Naiman opened the gold box after going to Olof and taking them hostage. He took the gold and found that it was fake gold. Because the real gold is kept by Osman. Naiman was angry with Olof at first Now it’s gone. Now Naiman gets angry with Osman Ber.

Meanwhile, Osman Bey divided his forces into four divisions and attacked Naiman’s headquarters and garrisons. This kills many Martian soldiers. The news of Osman Ber spread around.
Osman Bey had to keep Turgut Bey captive in the hands of Naiman in order to take the sons of Bede. Turgut Bey remained with Naiman at will as a deposit. So Naiman handed over the sons of Veda to Osman Ber.

Kurulus Osman Episode 118 English Subtitles online

Osman Bey tells Turgut Bey never to worry. I will free you from here. Hearing this, Turgut Bey said I will not hesitate to sacrifice my life for you and this land. You put your mind to work for the Turkish nation

Meanwhile, while taking Frigg out of the village, Ayesha Hatun tells Bala Hatun loudly about the gold news as per Osman Ber’s plan. It’s a trap. Only telling Frigg so that he could tell Olof.

Thus Osman Bey prepared his plan. Al Chechik freed Frigg in the middle of the street. Then detectives were put behind him. They followed Frigg. After Frigg meets Olof, Frigg tells Olof everything.

Olof celebrates the joy of having Frigg close. Then they went to Inegula with more soldiers to bring gold. Thus Olof took possession of Severn.

Al Chechik and Aktemur Ber proposed a marriage ceremony to Osman Ber near Oktem Bey. Osman Bey agreed and Shaykh Edeb Ali said that good deeds will be rewarded more in this holy month. So he advised taking quick action without delay. Maybe we can see this wedding ceremony in the next episode

A funny scene between Cherkutai and Olgen Hatun is shown. Olgen Hatun accompanies Olof in the war against Turgut Ber When Olof is defeated in battle and Inegul returns, Ulgen Hatun performs a play to win the love of Cherkutai. He enters Cherkutai’s room with a knife in his own stomach. Cherkutai is a little worried at first but then he realizes that it is a play. So he paid no attention to Ulgen Hatun and concentrated on his own work.

Kurulus Osman Episode 118 English Subtitles

Ismihan Sultan left Sogut for Konya. Along with his assistants and a part of the army. Konya goes and consults with her son about how to get rid of Naiman. But he is worried about where he will get so much gold.

Commander Olof’s right-hand man captured Turgut Bey and brought him out to Osman. Then Osman Bey knows what is required of him. In the end, he was killed.

Meanwhile, Orhan Bey is recovering. He can walk a little bit. Osman Bey, seeing his son walking like this, shouted Allahu Akbar in joy. In fact, there is nothing more peaceful than seeing his son walking in front of a father.

So Osman Bey organized a feast with everyone In this feast, Shaykh Edeb Ali recited some heart-warming advice. Basically, all these are the words of the Holy Quran. So everyone listens very attentively.




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