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Dear Kurulus loving brothers and sisters. Hopefully after a week break Kurulus Osman is happy to watch the new episode. Today we will discuss some special events of the last episode.
First, I will discuss the ongoing cold war between Osman Bey and Yaqub Ber.

It is a division created primarily for the purpose of usurping the throne. In this case, Yaqub Bey considered himself superior and the only one worthy of being Sultan based on the strength of his troops and settlement. On the other hand, Osman Bey knew that if Yaqub Bey became Sultan, it would be more difficult to serve his religion in the border areas.

Watch Kurulus Osman Episode 134 with English Subtitles

People will turn away from him Begans from other settlements will not want to give Alps or soldiers to fight with him. So she wants Sultan to be someone who will work for her. Or he himself will sit in the Sultan’s seat.

But the fact is that Osman Ber did not yet have the amount of troops, horses and gold coins that would enable him to become Sultan if he wanted to. So Osman Bey continued on the path of Jihad to show his superiority. But because Yaqub Ber did not accept obedience, Yaqub Bay kept trying to destroy Osman Ber’s honor from behind. In this way, a very exciting cold war continued between the two.

2nd I will discuss Orhan Bey and Holofira. Originally a Tekfur daughter of Holofira While he was escorting a convoy, members of the flag-bearers asked him to attack the convoy to test Orhan Ber’s strength and strategy. Orhan Bey used his cunning and strength to kill everyone in the caravan. Finally, when the door of the palanquin opened, he saw Holofia. Holofiake had lost his way once before and came to Kai settlement.

Kurulus Osman Season 5 Episode 134 with English Subtitles

Since then, Orhan Berman started doing special love work for Holofia. Now when Orhan Bey got hold of him again and brought him to Ineshihar. Orhan Bey is addicted to the love of Holofia. Meanwhile, Tekfu’s daughters Holofira and Orhan Ber are getting weaker and weaker. Although he is proving himself to be tough on the outside.

The fact is that two dissimilar objects attract each other. And that’s why they want to come to each other Escaping with Orhan Bey to the outskirts of Ineşihar and saving Orhan Bey from death only strengthens their love relationship. Originally Holofira was the daughter of a Tekfur, which showed some stubbornness and inflexibility in her.

For all these reasons, Malhun dislikes Hatun Holofia. However, in the end, the walls of this barrier do not seem to be able to resist Orhan Ber Prem.

3rd point Establishing border markets and appointing Cherkutai Alp as chief. Yaqub Bey created new markets in the border area to defeat Osman Bey. There is no such huge market. It was built so that this border bazaar would be bigger than Sogut and Marmarajik Forts. By doing this, the Roman and Byzantine emperors would send their caravans here and Osman Ber Qadr would continue to decline.

Yakub Bey opened the market with this plan. Yaqub Bey made another surprise. Osman Ber ex-alp Cherkutai was made the chief accountant of the market Who was freed from captivity by Yakub Bey. Cherkutai leaves Bey free but he himself comes and moves out of Ineshihar with his family.

He blames Osman Bey and says why he was not found? Why not send people for him? In response, the more Osman Bey consoled him, the more angry he became. At one point, Osman Bey asked him to leave. This scene was very painful. Osman Bey wanted to give him a house. But he left without accepting these in his pride.

In this way Yaqub Bey and the other beggars who were with him rose up to completely destroy the honor of Osman Ber. In this border market, a small space has been kept for Osman Ber. When they started selling their carpets there, Yakub Ber’s wife bought a carpet. The carpet was then laid on the steps outside his tent. It humiliated Kai Basti to the extreme. And Malhun Hatun is waiting for an opportunity to avenge this insult.

The 4th issue is Alauddin Bey and Gonza Hatun returning from their tour. Osman Ber’s younger son, Alauddin Bey, returned with a map of the treasure from Sultan Masud. On the other hand, Yakub Ber’s daughter Gonja Hatun stole the seal from Sultan Masud and returned with forged signatures on the decree. Both hand over their duties and documents to their father.

By this their fathers were pleased with them. Osman Ber’s younger son, Alauddin Bey, visits his mother, Bala Hatun, on his way back to Inesihar. His mother gives him some detailed information about Yakub Bey. And Gonja Hatun Alauddin came out and began to spy Because he was always defeated by Alauddin Ber budhi When Alauddin Bey pursues Yakub Ber from the border bazaar, Gonja Hatun blocks Alauddin Bey’s path and allows his father to retreat to a safe distance.

Yaqub Bey then entered Lekof Fort and conquered it. However, Osman Bey made various plans to conquer this fort. Army builds base. In this way, Yakub Bey Osman began to belittle his honor by blocking all his activities. In the next episode, we will get to know about Osman Ber’s transition.

Watch Kurulus Osman 134 in English Sub




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Watch Kurulus Osman 134 in English Sub

Watch Kurulus Osman Episode 134 with English Subtitles

Kurulus Osman Season 5 Episode 134 with English Subtitles

Kayifamily Kurulus Osman Season 5 Episode 134 with English Subtitles

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