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Why is the Turkey-Syria earthquake so terrible?

Why is the Turkey-Syria earthquake so terrible?

Turkey-Syria earthquake Update News

As of writing this report, the number of people killed in the terrible earthquake that hit Turkey-Syria has exceeded 4000. The magnitude of the earthquake was 7.8 on the Richter scale. An earthquake of this magnitude is officially classified as ‘severe’. Fault lines are said to play a major role in the severity of earthquakes.

Fault lines play a major role in earthquakes at any location. Large segments of the crust’s surface are called tectonic faults. And the cracks between two tectonic plates are called fault lines. Earthquakes usually occur around these fault lines.

Turkey-Syria earthquake

Yesterday’s earthquake broke about 100 kilometers of fault lines in Turkey. Because of this, the earthquake has taken a terrible form. And the buildings near this fault have been destroyed.

“There have been two such deadly earthquakes in the last 10 years and four in the previous 10 years,” said Professor Joanna Faure Walker, head of the Institute for Risk and Disaster Reduction at University College London.

Turkey-Syria earthquake
Turkey-Syria earthquake

But this damage is not only caused by vibration. How solid are the buildings in the country too. In Turkey and Syria, the earthquake struck in the early hours of the morning when almost everyone was sleeping at home. Because of this, many people died when the building collapsed.

According to the US Geological Survey, most of the buildings in the Gaziantep area are made of very thin bricks. These fragile buildings make the people who live there more vulnerable to earthquakes.

Turkey-Syria earthquake 2023

Carmen Solana, of the University of Portsmouth’s Department of Volcanology and Risk Communications, said infrastructure in southern Turkey, and Syria in particular, had largely collapsed. Because of this, saving the lives of those trapped today largely depends on their response and rescue efforts. The next 24 hours are crucial to rescue the survivors. After 48 hours, the number of survivors decreases significantly.

The area affected by the earthquake has not experienced any major earthquakes for over 200 years. There were no warning signs. For this reason, it is also assumed that there will be no earthquake and relief measures in this region. Many more people were injured by the powerful earthquake in Turkey and Syria. Many are still missing.It is believed that most of these people are buried under the rubble of buildings that collapsed during the earthquake. Rescue operations are underway.

Turkey-Syria earthquake February 2023

After almost 84 years, a terrible earthquake shook Turkey again on Monday. Before that, in December 1939, an earthquake measuring 7.8 on the Richter scale occurred in north-western Turkey. During this time, 30,000 people lost their lives. The earthquake occurred at 4:17 in the morning.Mr Monday, local time. The epicenter of the earthquake was near the Turkish city of Gaziantep on the border with Syria. Then the earthquake was felt again. According to official Turkish estimates, 14,483 people were injured in the earthquake in Turkey. During and after the earthquake, 4,748 buildings collapsed in the country. A state of emergency was declared in Turkey in connection with this incident. Read more

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